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About Stevens in Haiti 

As a family, we have always felt a calling to serve God in a mission field. In 2011, Frazer announced a new ministry with the deaf in Haiti. It seemed like a perfect combination of both of our ministry interests: Jan always had a desire to learn sign language and minister to the deaf, and I had a desire to continue my father’s work with the Haitian community in South Florida. After a sermon about getting involved in missions I felt God nudging me even stronger. I signed up our whole family for the first available mission trip to Haiti: August 2011.

At first we thought that it would be a one-time trip, but we were wrong. During that first trip, we heard God telling us in so many ways that Haiti is where he wanted us to be, but we didn’t know when or how long or in what capacity. For the next few years we continued to take annual family mission trips to Haiti, shared our experiences with others, and committed to praying each day that God would show us His will. Again we thought that He would call us to a long-term ministry in Haiti in several years after our children were grown. Again we were wrong.

During a trip to Haiti in October 2013 with the Frazer Missions Board, Jan visited the Hands and Feet Children’s Village in Jacmel, Haiti. It was there that God placed His plan for our family on Jan’s heart. After years of praying and searching, she knew immediately that this is where God was calling us; and when she shared her experience with us, we knew as well.

After several conversations with the Hands and Feet founders and staff, our entire family visited their Children’s Villages in Jacmel and Gran Goave in February 2014, meeting their on-site staff and getting to know the children. We came home from that trip 100% certain of God’s plan and committed to serving Him in Haiti.